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Currently, our company is working on various projects with the aim of expanding shipping activities and actively participating in international sea cargo transportation based on state orders in the future. Therefore, "Samaye CO LTD" LLC intends to further expand its material and technical base. Currently, the construction and installation works are being continued at the berth of the ships in the direction of the expansion of the port. In the near future, the port is expected to operate at full capacity. For this purpose, "Samaya CO LTD" LLC is interested in purchasing new dry cargo, tanker and RO-RO type ships.


    Currently, preparatory works for the construction of a modern hotel building are being continued in the Port area to ensure the relaxation of guests, users and ship crews coming to the Port.


     The port's infrastructure includes 170-meter-long three-branched mooring bridges, a two-story administrative building equipped with the necessary equipment, a closed warehouse with an area of 5800 m2, an open container yard with an area of 3 hectares, security systems, modern machinery, large-capacity fuel storage tanks.


    Currently, MMC has 3,000, 2,000 ton oil tankers, 2,500 ton dry cargo ships and other special purpose ships on its balance sheet. As there are currently no orders for cargo transportation, the ships have been leased to legal entities. The total income of the company consists of the rent from the chartered vessels and the funds paid by the founder. In 2013, "Samaya CO LTD" LLC built a "Sea Port" (Ship Berth) designed by the Project Institute that meets modern requirements on an 8-hectare area assigned to it in the territory of Garadagh district of Baku, and the Port was provided with all infrastructures and the Port was opened in 2014. has been officially registered by the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan and registered as "Buta Port" of "Samaya CO LTD" LLC and received an official certificate.


    "Samaya CO LTD" LLC was established in Baku in 2003 and was officially registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic. "Samaye CO LTD" LLC has expanded its material and technical base in order to increase the scope of its activity in accordance with the Charter of LLC, purchased cargo ships carrying dry cargo, tankers carrying oil products that meet modern requirements, and has been formed as a shipping company since 2012. Currently, it operates as a well-known shipping company in the Republic. After our company is fully operational, it will continue to operate on the basis of orders from the State, Legal and Individuals.